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As a self-taught chef, Chelsea is dedicated to creating healthy, delicious foods that's convenient for her clients. Offering personalize meal recommendations and support while integrating appropriate food choices with lifestyle options, Chelsea seeks to create the perfect balance between comfort, eating and cooking. Her personable approach to confident cooking helps her build and maintain lasting relationships with clients. 



Chelsea Gordon grew up around food and flavor all her life. Her family is from the Caribbean and England which adds to her love of traveling. Fusing these elements together, she has taken cooking classes aboard learning tips from local chefs on how to work with different spices, produce, meats and seafood to create flavorful meals for an authentic dining experience. After working several years in restaurants, she moved to Atlanta where she has become a serial entrepreneur in the food industry community. 

Over the years, her cooking has inspired the creation of an innovative fourfold strategy focusing on:

What the client wants:

The client’s requirements and opinions are crucial to menu planning. Each menu takes into account the nutritional requirements and dietary sensitivities (allergies, etc.) of every person at the dinner table.

Quality of ingredients:

To satisfy the discerning palate of clients, Chelsea uses only the best ingredients from Atlanta’s finest grocery stores and farmer's markets.

Health and taste:

Ensuring  the culinary focus is as much about good tasting food as it is about good health, Chelsea extracts intense flavors from ingredients while using low fat and low-calorie count foods. Chelsea believes taking care of our bodies by eating healthy, is one of the best ways to improve our mood and our energy level.

Portion control:

Controlling weight and staying in shape is directly linked to the amount of food you eat. In planning meal menu for clients, Chelsea combines food quality and  optimal portion size to achieve success.

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